[Опрос] есть ли у вас проблемы?

Здесь вы можете обсудить условия проживания в Корее, условия контракта, отношения с работодателями и рекрутинговыми фирмами.

были ли у вас проблемы, связaнные с бестолковым начальством?

были и есть и не знаю что делать
были, но уже успешно решены
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Re: [Опрос] есть ли у вас проблемы?

Сообщение parametr » Пт май 25, 2012 11:06 pm

scientist писал(а):инет и смартфоны запрещать нельзя! кореец без них умирает мучительной смертью в течении 10 минут :-)
это радует :) а как с расходованием времени?

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Re: [Опрос] есть ли у вас проблемы?

Сообщение scientist » Сб май 26, 2012 12:19 am

у всех поразному. в начале топика про это написано.

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Re: [Опрос] есть ли у вас проблемы?

Сообщение Iriska » Ср июл 31, 2013 2:50 pm

Iriska писал(а): так давайте же уважать и поддерживать правильный кибун! :pioner:
еще раз о кибуне и других не менее важных концепциях:
Kibun, Nunchi, Inwha, Harmony
Even though they are evolving (as is the case with many other norms and values in today's Korea), the following cultural values/norms are fundamental to Korean culture.

Harmony in personal relationships is a dominant force in a Korean’s life. Facts, logic and conclusions are often not nearly as important as how one is looked upon by others. Friendships are tight-knit and valuable. It is an insult to refuse a friend’s request. It is even less forgivable to fail a superior. These friendships are possible because everyone does his or her best to preserve and foster harmony and good feelings. The bearer of bad news may smile to soften the blow. S/he may avoid giving the news, even if s/he is merely the messenger and in no way responsible for it.

It is very hard for Koreans to admit failure and it is devastating to lose face in Korean culture. The directness of Westerners is thoroughly unpalatable to many Koreans (especially older and/or more traditional people), whose self-esteem is often on the line. In Korea, it is of unparalleled importance to maintain kibun or the mood or feeling of being in a comfortable state of mind.

Kibun – The word kibun has no literal translation in English. However, as a concept that permeates every facet of Korean life, it can be described in terms of pride, face, mood, or state of mind. In order to maintain a Korean’s sense of Kibun, particularly in a business context, one must show the proper respect and avoid causing loss of face. In a culture where social harmony is essential, the ability to identify another’s state of mind, often referred to as nunchi, is crucial to successful business ventures. For this reason, you must be aware of subtleties in communication, observing non-verbal and indirect cues that often suggest the true sense of what is being communicated...
More: http://www.korea4expats.com/article-nun ... korea.html