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Resume - Embedded SW developer - EMP, Palm OS, Embedded Linux, Nucleus

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Oleg Kokorin
<BR>#623 NewGenVille, yatap-dong, Bundang-gu phone: +8219-4808392 (Seoul)
<BR>Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea 463-840 phone: +38067-4438069 (Kiev)
<BR>email: <!-- BBcode auto-mailto start --><a href="mailto:okokorin@yahoo.com">okokorin@yahoo.com</a><!-- BBCode auto-mailto end -->
<BR>Objective: Looking for position Embedded Software Development.
<BR>Languages: C/C++, XML, 80x 86 Assemblies
<BR>Tools: Metrowerks CodeWarrior for PALM 9, TI Code Composer Studio V2, Qt/Embedded, MS .NET, MS DirectX 8.0, EMP SDK, Palm OS SDK
<BR>OS: EMP, Palm OS, Embedded Linux, Nucleus, W2K
<BR>Professional Experience:
<BR>4/2003-now Truemobile-Samsung-Ericsson, Seoul, South Korea
<BR>Project: UMTS/EDGE mobile platform firmware
<BR>UMTS is our current target platform. I'm responsible for design and architect integration process of messaging services into our target platform including SMS, MMS, EMS, SyncML and WAP integration, with address book, messaging, scheduler, calling services, file system access, timing, sockets, signaling and memory management as well.
<BR>Tools and technologies: Visual Studio 6, MS Visio, EMP SDK
<BR>3/2002-2/2003 LG Electronics, Seoul, South Korea
<BR>Project: 3G mobile platform firmware
<BR>Multimedia codec’s and image formats development and integration into 3G U8100 WCDMA/GPRS platform. Optimizing H263/MP4 low energy consuming video codec for ARM based TI OMAP1510 platform. Migrating GIF/BMP codec’s for TI ARM925 based LG handset. Integrating codec’s into Nucleus RTOS based mobile terminals. Analyzing of Ericsson Mobile Platform (EMP) with embedded COM architecture based interfaces implementation and optimization. Designing integration model (UML) for LG target platform. Assembling kernel for MIPS and ARM based mobile platforms. Researched and developed mobile cross-platform migration procedures and developer infrastructure. Initiated common application architecture plan for Qtopia/QT Embedded based GUI integration for Linux based platform. SMS, MMS and EMS mobile application library integration architecture designed for Palm OS 3.5, 4 based target platform and participated in development process.
<BR>Tools and technologies: Texas Instruments CCS 2.0, Metrowerks CodeWarrior for PALM 8-9, Visual Studio .NET, MS Visio, DirectX 8, Qt/Embedded, EMP SDK
<BR>OS: Nucleus RTOS, EMP, Linux, W2K
<BR>11/2000-9/2001 Comverse Network Systems, Boston, MA
<BR>Project: KDDI Japan Cellular provider, joint software
<BR>Wireless services software development (SMS, WAP and Voice Streaming).
<BR>Constructing new voice management interfaces with web browsing and E-mail reading abilities over cellular WAB enabled telephones. Directory services developing including voice command recognition and MMS acceptance and delivery.
<BR>AccessMax as UML modeling tool was used to merge, enhance and modify applications’ business logic of both KDI and IDO service providers; C++ source code was generated as well.
<BR>Tools and technologies: UML AccessMax 3
<BR>OS: W2K, SunOS and Linux
<BR>08/97-10/00 Transport Development Group, Ukraine
<BR>Project: Public Vehicle Tracking/Control System
<BR>The main task of this project was to develop control system to manage fleet of public vehicles.
<BR>Every public vehicle had to be equipped with intelligent transmitter and GPS receiver. Public vehicle intelligent module based on Java ME and was responsible for controlling the amount of passengers to be transferred, the schedule, and routing. All data received from public terminals gets transferred to the Public Vehicle Management Center. This center is equipped with a Sun Enterprise server with JVM running. Server side software is responsible for gathering all information, store, and its presentation on GIS Map. This server system helps to manage a routing of public vehicle if some traffic problem happened. This system also provides for information flow to Police Department, which regulates city traffic. My job was to develop Intelligent transmitter firmware (JVMME based) for on-board routing and vehicle status, and to develop server side software - Current Position Server (CPS) - to provide for location and status of all public vehicles at any given point in time. CPS transfers information furthest to GIS Mapping software and commit it to database, so that it can be used as needed by authorized personnel. Native methods for embedded platform functions were coded on C.
<BR>Tools and technologies:
<BR>JBuilder 3 Enterprise for WinNT, Solaris, Linux, JDK, CORBA Visibroker, JDBC, JavaCOMM API, GCC
<BR>OS: JVM ME, Solaris 7, and Linux RH 6.2
<BR>09/96-08/97 Bumex, Ukraine
<BR>Project: Computer-based security terminals system.
<BR>Security monitoring terminal application developed including graphical 2d plan for situation in the protected rooms. DSC PC4020 security terminal was used as target hardware platform design.
<BR>Two platforms project had 2 components: OS/2 component and WinNT component. OS/2 component was developed using Watcom Visual REXX. WinNT components developed using MS Visual C++ and MFC.
<BR>Result: Dramatically improved the security features.
<BR>OS: MS Windows NT Server 4.0, IBM OS/2 Warp 4 Tools: MFC, MS Visual C++,
<BR>Watcom Visual REXX.
<BR>1998 MS in Computer Science
<BR>T.Shevchenko National Ukrainian University; Kiev, Ukraine
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